Yearbooks are provided through TreeRing.

June 16th 2023 Update- You can still order 2022-2023 Yearbooks online and still get custom pages, please see flyer above for more info and school code. Yearbooks are available to order online and will be delivered to your homes.


We also have a few standard yearbooks we can sell. Email us at for info or to set up pick up. Yearbooks bought in person are $16.50 and we accept Cash, Checks made out to Brigadoon PTA, and Zelle (search by email address).


Tree Ring offers Custom Pages! First TWO Pages are FREE! Customized Pages are a fun way to add your own photos and memories to your own Yearbook! Some Ideas include First Day of School Pictures, Fun Holiday Memories with Family and Friends, or A weekend trip to the Zoo. 


Yearbooks for the 2023-2024  school year will be available through TreeRing.